Niki Konkoly

Niki is a Budapest-based creative running on coffee and peanut butter. Designer by day and writer by night, her passion is telling captivating stories by creating exciting atmospheres and playing around with words.

She turned vegetarian at an early age, and eventually, vegan, out of her love for all creatures, and as an attempt to help save the environment one meal at a time; enjoying the plant-based diet’s health benefits as a side effect.

Combining her love for storytelling and feasting on vegan delights, she hopes to craft entertaining, intriguing, or just plain mouth-watering articles for Enlightened Baker for seasoned and budding herbivores alike, and to encourage those toying with the idea of taking the (not so) scary leap into veganism.

To find out more about her, check out her website and blog, where she shares introspective snippets of her life, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram for pictures of things that tickle her aesthetic-receptors.

Kristen Ciccolini

Kristen is a freelance food writer and plant-based nutrition coach based in Boston. She is focused on nutrition education and teaches busy women how to incorporate healthy habits into their everyday cooking. Follow her on Twitter @kciccolini.

Stacey O’Connor

High School English teacher turned freelance writer, Stacey O’Connor shares her passion for health, current events, fitness, and relationships through her writing. She is a regular contributor to Runner Click, The Little Pine, and Pursuit. Writing for vegan lifestyle and fitness publications helps her stay fit and pushes her to continue her personal vegan journey. She has an MFA from Fairfield University and an M.A. from Southern Connecticut State University.

Chun Valencia

Currently based in Manila, Chun Valencia is first a food lover, then a freelance food writer. She has an appetite for the flavors of the world, and writes about coffee, chocolate, and cheese. A multi-passionate geek who loves cooking, doodling, dancing, travel, and all things tech. If she’s not busy looking for the sweet spot between healthy and indulgent, she’s either dancing or exploring ways to make plant-based desserts more exciting.

Jessica Bose

Jessica is a blogger, baker, and barista based in Los Angeles. Awake before the sun, you can be sure to find her behind the espresso machine in the morning, and in front of her oven at night. She’s been decorating cakes and developing vegan recipes since college, where she attended Johnson & Wales University for baking & pastry arts. She also writes for Chickpea Magazine, a vegan quarterly journal.

With an affinity for adventure and the grand outdoors, Jessica is currently working on a project unlike no other: a traveling bakery. You can read more about her travels and vegan recipes on her blog,, and stay up-to-date by following her on Instagram @jessicabose.