Disney Princesses’ Favorites: 5 Magical Vegan, Gluten-free Delights

Disney Princesses’ Favorites: 5 Magical Vegan, Gluten-free Delights

by Niki Konkoly

I’ve always thought that the beautifully presented and photographed, mouth-watering vegan dessert recipes I come across online are fit for royalty. This time, I went a little further, and wondered which treats each of these five classic Disney princesses would have picked.

We’ve already compiled the best vegan dessert options at Disneyland, but if you’d rather create your favorite princess’ dessert yourself, check out the list below.


Image via Disney Wiki

While a carriage is pretty cool, if I could turn pumpkin into anything, it would probably be pizza, just to combine two of my favorite foods. Turns out, it’s actually possible, and requires a lot less effort, than, let’s say, trying a glass shoe on every girl’s foot in your kingdom, because you forgot to look at the lady’s face you danced with all night. Make Emilie Eats’ pumpkin pie dessert pizza in the evening, and, just like Cinderella’s carriage, it’ll surely be gone by midnight.





Image via Emilie Eats

Snow White

Gif via Giphy

Snow White knew that pie was the way to win even the grumpiest dwarf’s heart. Guessing from her fondness of apples and the tale’s German origin, it would’ve probably been an apple streusel pie. Streusel (not to be confused with strudel, an Austrian pastry) refers to the sugary crumbles on the top of pies.

If you also have to divide your baked goods amongst seven small, hungry men, I’d suggest making Yummy Beet’s apple streusel muffins, just to make your life easier. Now, if we could just have a couple of furry helpers in the kitchen too…

Image via Yummy Beet

Sleeping Beauty

Image via Animated Meta

I’ve always wondered why Aurora gets called Sleeping Beauty when she sleeps through an eternity, but when my 20-minute power nap accidentally lasts 3 hours, all I get is ‘lazy’. But I figured: it must be the lack of roses in my life. However, I’m fairly sure that Homegrown Provisions’ rose cardamom and blood orange loaf cake would make up for this. As a bonus, you can skip pricking your finger on a spindle; the blood oranges in this recipe will do the job.


Image via Homegrown Provisions


Image via Babble

Golden as Belle’s ballgown, and sweet as the Beast’s personality, crème brûlée (meaning ‘burned cream’) is a classic French delight as old as time. Luckily, with an array of dairy-free milk and cream options available, us vegans can have our magical moments, too. For a dose of enchantment, try The Vegan Cookie Fairy’s crème brûlée. (Dancing cutlery and talking crockery optional, but highly recommended.)




Image via The Vegan Cookie Fairy

The Little Mermaid

Image via Disney Wiki

It always bothered me why Ariel would ever want to leave her magic underwater kingdom. Then it hit me: the culinary adventure. Hate to admit it, but the land has flavors more exciting than seaweed. And, most importantly, it has desserts. Delicious, decadent, dreamy desserts. And as Ariel experienced life on land in Denmark, she probably loved aebleskivers, the tasty Danish pancake puffs. Make them yourself with Veganosity’s fruit-filled aebleskivers recipe. Safety instructions: to be consumed with dinglehoppers.




Image via Veganosity

Did your favorite princess make it to this list? We might do another one with even more Disney heroines. Let us know in the comments who we should feature next!

Featured image via Culinic

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