Twin Peaks & Donuts

Twin Peaks & Donuts

by Jessica Bose

“She’s dead – wrapped in plastic.”

These were the opening words of the groundbreaking TV series, Twin Peaks. They were spoken in a shaky voice by Pete Martell, a sawmill worker who found Laura Palmer’s body face down at the river’s edge.  

Twin Peaks was a phenomenal horror-drama series created by Mark Frost and David Lynch back in 1990. It’s a must-see for not only murder mystery enthusiasts, but also for anyone who likes pop culture commentary, particularly when it comes to donuts.

As it turns out, co-creator, David Lynch, loves donuts. He loves them so much, that he made them a reoccurring theme in the show. In case you are wondering just how many times donuts were involved in Twin Peaks, check out this collection of all the donut clips from the show:

Twin Peaks took a nearly overdone stereotype of cops and donuts and turned it into something amazingly humorous. Twin Peaks isn’t known for being a comedy, but when dozens of colorful, sprinkled donuts appear in Barbie-pink boxes, the mood feels instantly lightened. Film School Rejects suggests that donuts play as a metaphor for the sweet, quirky, and rather silly side of the investigators. In a show where death is the centerpiece, this sort of reference is highly valued.

Paste Magazine makes a great point in mentioning that donuts were not at all popular in the 1990s. Many target viewers for Twin Peaks were into exercise and dieting, but Lynch didn’t seem to care and used it in the show anyway.

Even still, when a trailer for Showtime’s reboot of Twin Peaks came out in December of 2016, it looked a little bit like this:


Today, donuts are much more popular amongst viewers. In all honesty, this fact might have something to do with the uprising of vegan donut shops across the country. How much do you want to bet that Lynch is a frequent customer at Voodoo Doughnuts?

While we aren’t sure if Twin Peaks will continue it’s recent Showtime series, we do know that it will be impossible to eat another vegan donut without thinking about how truly great an 18 second trailer of David Lynch eating a donut really is.  



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Feature image via: Lynch/Frost Productions

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