Creative Vegan, Gluten-Free Donut Recipes

Creative Vegan, Gluten-Free Donut Recipes

by Jessica Bose

Every city we visit seems to have their own famous vegan donut shop. You know what I’m talking about. The one centered in the hip part of town with a line to the sidewalk. Inside, there’s Instagram-worthy decor and a case full of jaw-dropping flavors. These shops are always fun to visit, but what if they don’t carry a donut that suits your dietary needs? Better yet, what if you don’t live in one of these cities?

Here are some incredible vegan and gluten-free donut recipes to try at home, where you won’t have to stand in line or question any ingredients.

  1. Berry Burst Donuts with Pomegranate Drizzle

These plant-based donuts are the perfect combo of sweet and tart. Get creative and top them with nuts, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, or fresh fruit.  

(Image via Nutrition City)

  1. Ginger Glazed Purple Sweet Potato Donuts

Purple donuts!? You’ve got that right. Not only are they colorful and tasty, but their ginger glaze has them sparkling like stars in a galaxy.

(Image via Strength & Sunshine)

  1. Chai Spiced Donuts

Introducing a chai latte lover’s favorite donut. “Drink your chai and eat it too.”

(Image via Goodness is Gorgeous)

  1. Double Chocolate Beet Donuts

Beets make the perfect natural red food coloring. If you haven’t experimented with them yet, I highly suggest making these donuts your first baked beet adventure. They’re a little messy to work with, but very worth it.

(Image via Catching Seeds)

  1. Orange Donuts with Salted Caramel Glaze

When citrus meets salted caramel, you get the best of both worlds with bright, rich, and salty flavors all in one donut.

(Image via Full of Plants)

  1. Chocolate Kidney Bean Donuts

Many of us have experimented with black beans in brownies, but now it’s time to widen our horizons with kidney beans in donuts. These donuts turn a chocolatey treat into a protein-rich breakfast or dessert. (Just don’t tell your kids that).

(Image via Nina’s Vegan Recipes)

  1. Flourless Cinnamon Bun Donuts

Most donut-enthusiasts also double as cinnamon roll lovers. This recipe combines the two irresistible breakfast items into a healthier donut (without the sugar crash).

(Image via The Big Man’s World)

  1. Matcha Donuts

Take your matcha beverage to the next level with by using the delicious green tea powder to make a batch of these caffeinated green donuts!

(Image via Rhian’s Recipes)

We hope you enjoy these inspiring recipes to get you through your donut shop cravings!


If you could combine any flavors into a donut, what would they be? Let us know in the comments!

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