Vegan, Gluten-free Valentine’s Day Treats for Everyone

Vegan, Gluten-free Valentine’s Day Treats for Everyone

by Niki Konkoly

Whether you’re riding solo or celebrating with friends this Valentine’s Day, have a boo to woo, or just, frankly, don’t give a damn about this day, we’ve got you covered for (mostly pink) dessert ideas.

For all the Single Ladies (and Gents) out there

Don’t worry if you find yourself single on the (perfectly average) day used to boost the sales of tacky, useless, pink objects; it’s the perfect time to give yourself some love. Get yourself one of those over-sized balloons if you please, and make sure you treat yourself to something sweet.

As someone who’s been single most of her life, I’ve developed the Valentine’s Day tradition of spending the evening with two guys instead of none; Ben and Jerry. (Okay, I may have stolen the idea from Bridget Jones.) I took this relationship so seriously that I, kid you not, ended up asking myself to prom with a pint of Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

Now, you can imagine my withdrawal symptoms when I first went vegan, and my utter joy, when they came out with a non-dairy range made with almond milk.

I know, I know, this blog is all about baking, but what say you to skipping the preparation and oven work this time and going straight for the indulgence? Find out more about Ben & Jerry’s vegan range here.

Galettes for your Galentines

Coined by Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day is the wonderful initiative to honor and celebrate the extraordinary ladies in your life, the holiday officially marked in our calendars for the 13th of February. Last year, my best friend was a little under the weather this time of the year, so I made a papiermâché heart piñata for her to smash into pieces, thus relieving stress and uncovering the candy inside, inspired by this iconic scene in the movie Valentine’s Day:

If you’d rather take a rain check on fiddling with old newspaper and wallpaper glue, how about surprising your favorite gals with Heather Christo’s strawberry, rhubarb, and almond-filled galette? Or, you prefer bite-sized sweetness, try this rosy rocky road recipe by Ascension Kitchen.

Baby Cakes for your Baby Cakes

If you’re one of the few lucky ones out there with that very special someone by your side who lets you have the last bite of shared food (or does whatever your equivalent of pure love is), then hold onto them tight, and surprise them with something tasty to show just how much you cherish them. Even if you love each other the same every other day of the year, it’s still nice to feel appreciated (and a little spoiled) on Valentine’s Day.

I’d probably go for this super fudgy chocolate cake by the Supergolden Bakes blog. However, if you’re missing your ice cream-devouring single days, opt for this ice cream cake for two by Vegan Huggs.

Image via Supergolden Bakes

If you just Donut Care at all

If you’re team ‘Valentine’s Day is just a capitalist scam invented by Hallmark,’ worry not, we’ve got your back, too. Just because the world is going crazy, blinded by rose petals and discount teddy bears, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a treat, right? Because this year, Valentine’s Day happens to fall on a Wednesday, and on Wednesdays, we indulge.

Due to the booming carnival season in Europe, this time of year always means donut for me when talking indulgence, so it was only natural I’d bring a donut recipe for you to enjoy.

Try these mini baked double chocolate donuts by Petite Allergy Treats, or, if you want to go bigger, go for my favorite flavor combo, and make Bakerita’s peanut butter-banana donuts.

Image via Bakerita

How do you usually spend Valentine’s Day? Share your sweetest, or funniest memories with us in the comments!

Featured image via Ascension Kitchen

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