You Put What in Your Brownies?

You Put What in Your Brownies?

by Jessica Bose

Vegan bakers are forced to get creative when it comes to substitutions, so why not experiment?

Here, have a brownie and taste the gooey dark chocolate as it melts on your tongue and awakens your palette in a way that no other brownie has ever before. If you even dare to ask me about my ingredients prior to your first bite, well, I’m just not going to share them with you. Perhaps a little later on, if you keep an open mind, I’ll let you in on my secret ingredients and explain how I made a vegan brownie taste so darn good.

Do you know where I’m going here? If you were thinking I made magic brownies with a green substance, and that substance is kale, then you wouldn’t be too far off. I have, in fact, made shockingly delicious kale brownies before. I’ve also made brownies with protein-rich black beans, silken tofu, and creamy avocados. The brownies you just tried, they were made with zucchini, yes, zucchini!

The truth is, vegan baking gets weird. When you’re forced to find substitutions for butter, eggs, cream, and white sugar, you discover a whole slew of healthy things that you never would’ve dreamed about using as base ingredients in desserts. I’m talking about applesauce, flax seed, cashews, and dates. If you’d like to see an entire list of vegan ingredient substitutions, check out this vegan baking guide and prepare to be amazed.

I highly encourage experimentation when it comes to vegan baking. There are so many amazing fruits, vegetables, legumes, and seeds to play around with. I guarantee that once you start introducing these fun ingredients to your cakes, cookies, etc., you’ll be reluctant to turn back to plain old flour and earth balance (yawn).

If anyone ever tries to tell you that your vegan diet has you eating like a rabbit or even a bird (because face it, flax seed is comparable to bird food), then I hope you think back to all the sinful, yet nourishing baked goods you’ve had lately. You’re in a good place, and I promise your body will thank you for all the crazy things you’ve been baking into your brownies.

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